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Pastor Van for Breeze May 2023

One amazing thing about growing up in Nigeria as the missionary child of parents who

served in a Christian hospital and a seminary: Just about everyone you know is living a life

devoted to faith and purpose. Nigerian doctors, Ghanaian custodians, American surgical nurses,

Dutch agricultural extension teachers . . . It just seemed natural to me as a child that to be an

adult was to explicitly live out one’s love of Jesus both professionally and personally. Of course,

even a kid could see that some missionaries were on the far side of quirky and rapidly heading

for the horizon, but the hearts of these uncles and aunts were almost always in the right place.

As I entered adulthood, I began to realize that the relationship between work, vocation,

and faith was rarely as direct as I experienced as a little child. Many people work to pay the

bills, and invest richly in family and spiritual lives that don’t connect closely to the nine-to-five

(or nine-to-nine, or three-to-midnight) realities of their employment. Many people do grueling

paid or unpaid labor that demands deep spiritual resources– elder care, singing with toddlers –

that those around them might not even consider “real work.”

Missions Month is an important time to remember those who are out of sight – and often

out of the country – in pursuit of the vision of service and evangelism into which God has

lovingly drawn them. Ideally, however, whatever we do – whether in El Cajon or El Salvador --

we do in knowledge of the presence of God, through the love of God, for the glory of God.

Our model in this is the unassuming seventeenth-century French monk Brother

Lawrence, who turned dishwashing and shoe repair into perpetual forms of prayer. As Brother

Lawrence said, “"It is enough for me to pick up but a straw from the ground for the love of God."

Whatever our straw may be to pick up, may we remember that all that we do is mission.

May we live each moment of each day:

In knowledge of the presence of God.

Through the love of God.

For the glory of God.


In Christ’s love,

Pastor Van

Food Pantry Needs and Availability

We have a small non-perishable food pantry at the church. If you are in need of food, please feel

free to approach Maggie, Pastor Van, or Carol. If you have the ability to give to support the

pantry, we could use the following items right now:

--Hearty canned soups

--Canned meals such as Spaghetti-Os and ravioli

--Meats (Spam, Vienna sausage, canned chicken, tuna in foil packets)

--Individual fruit cups

--Drinks such as Gatorade

--Fun snacks for children

Thank you for your help! Blessings!

Spring Learning Event: May 21, 28 at 5 p.m. in the Red Door Chapel

Please join us for two Sunday evenings as we learn together in Christ! This May we will

explore Nancy Guthrie’s book God Does His Best Work on Empty. When we feel bereft and

adrift, God can work powerfully to bring new meaning and ministry. Guthrie examines

numerous kinds of emptiness, such as:

 Insatiable craving for things that don’t satisfy

 Relational disappointments and loneliness

 Frustrated search for purpose and meaning

 Relentless desire for comfort and security

 Ongoing struggle to live with loss and unfulfilled dreams

If this sounds of interest to you, please let Pastor Van know by May 14 so that he may order

books for you. Blessings!

June 11: Children’s Day, Graduation Acknowledgements

We will celebrate Children’s Day, and also acknowledge our graduates of all levels, on June 11.

Please let Pastor Van, Maggie or Carol know by June 1 if you have a loved one graduating from

any school milestone, community college, or university. Thank you!

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